"Fall" Into Your Fashion Sense

Style is what you make it! Don't get caught up in what others define fashion to be...create your own lane. My belief is that style and fashion should be effortless comfort and absolutely fabulous!

The ONLY rule NOT meant to be broken is: knowing your body type and dress it accordingly. NO ill fitting clothes.

Be realistic about your body. Just because it comes in your size, does not mean it's meant for you to wear. We all come in different shapes and sizes; find what's flattering on your body and rock the heck out of it!!

I'm very transparent about my body. Due to a life struggle of female hormonal issues, my body has taken on a whirlwind of change...from what society deems the perfect shape and size, to a size and shape the same society is dying to not be (ill proportioned). Through the years, I've learned to embrace the fact that my hips are now very narrow, my boobs make me top heavy and I wasn't so blessed in the rear but hey...I love me and I create styles that I'm comfortable in and what makes me feel fabulous! 

Give me oversized, non fitted anything and I'm in fashion heaven!! I'll take it and style it to suit me, you and my feels for the moment. Do what feels freeing. Do what makes you fall in love with you. Do what changes your life. Just Do You!!

Fall is the best time to revive and revamp your wardrobe!! Why not allow us to help you get started with redefining your style?


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